Michele Santiago, CLC, SME

Who Is This Gladiator Mom

Michele Santiago is a tenacious, resilient former sales manager and professional/personal development coach. She is the owner of Preferred Elements Consulting and Co-Owner of Chicks That Pitch, a boutique consulting agency for unscripted content development and distribution. 
With over 20 years in Sales, Management and Professional Development, she has worked for companies and on productions which include: Hugo Boss, Neiman Marcus, Mercedes Benz, Common Ground Foundation, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Foundation, Escomedia, Comcast, Edit Talent Group, Fox, Food Network as well as a host of independent television and film projects.
Michele has also worked and or served on advisory boards and on the board of directors for several nonprofit organizations such as National Youth Advocacy Program(NYAP), Crossroads Coalition, Young Adult Preparatory School (YAPS), Free Spirit Media, Fire’s Flowing Ministry and several local and statewide campaigns.
Michele’s supportive nature and passion for self empowerment led to her becoming a certified coach. Her clients range from reality show talent to national restaurant chains and nonprofits. Her mission is simple: to help individuals identify what their purpose is and empowering them to passionately pursue it. 
In 2014 she was appointed the position of Midwest Regional Director of National Black Wall Street, a region covering 9 states. A position she’s using to rebuild communities crippled from economic decline. Her block by block “Main Street Initiative” which focuses on empowering and equipping small businesses with 21st Century Skills to compete in a global marketplace is her deliberate mission to building stronger communities. 
In 2015 she was recognized by Tierra Destiny Reid as a featured Pause and Propel Power Mom, a network of women who provide economical, educational and transformational empowerment within their communities.
Michele Santiago is a certified personal and professional development coach (CLC), subject matter expert (SME), motivational speaker and owner of Preferred Elements Consulting and has recently returned to school to complete her degree in Organizational Behavior and a Development with a focus in Human Resource Management. Hobbies include volunteering, “house” music, dancing and watching comedies. Michele is married with 3 children and 1 grandchild.